Welcome to the story of our first baby!

Welcome to the story of our family.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Waive your hands in the air like you just don't care...

Whenever he's not swaddled he sleeps with his hands up. I just think it's so funny.

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Best Christmas Ever

Christmas 2010 was the best we've ever had. Having Max as a part of our family this year was the greatest gift of all. We started our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve morning. Before we had the baby we use to take Mook to the dog park every Saturday and Sunday. We haven't gone since the baby was born because at first I was too sore from the c-section. Once I recovered from that a cold front came in and has been here ever since. When we woke up on Christmas Eve it was in the 70's so we decided to pack up the baby, load Mook in the car, and attempt our first trip to the dog park. Mook has been so good with the baby we had to show him how much we appreciate it. He barely leaves Max's side. The dog park was a success. Once it warms up again I'm sure we'll get back into our weekend habit.

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We decided to try out a new church on Christmas Eve. We arrived at the Church by the Glades around 5:30 for their 3D Christmas special. The band was amazing. We sang several Christmas songs and then moved into the sermon. The pastor talked about gifts and all I could think about was the wonder gift we had been blessed with...Max :) Somehow Max slept through all the loud music and most of the sermon. He didn't wake up until the very end when it was really quiet and then started to cry. It was pretty funny.

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We woke up really early Christmas morning. Mike made breakfast and then we exchanged gifts. Max enjoyed some time under his rain forest safari and then took a little snooze. Later Grandma & Grandpa Killi came over and we skyped with Jenn, Ben, Owen, and Vivi. We had a fabulous Christmas meal and then took some much needed naps.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

1 Month!!!

I can't believe that it was a month ago I gave birth to this little guy. It seems like just yesterday I was driving to the hospital feeling silly for thinking that my water was leaking. The whole time I was telling Mike to leave our bags in the car because I was sure they were going to send us home. 15 hours later Maxwell was born. I've love staying home with him and spending time together. Throughout this last month he's started staying awake a lot longer, he's getting better at holding his head up, he's starting to make eye contact, he responds to mine and Mike's voice and I'm pretty sure I see a little bit of a smile.

We woke up early for our 830 doctor's appointment today. The doctor said that he is doing great and growing at a good rate. He now weighs 8 pounds and 2 ounces and is 21.5 inches long.

I really hope that time slows down somehow because if it continues at the same rate as this last month has Max will be grown in the blink of an eye.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lunch Date with the Peters Family

Today the entire family got showered and dressed (first time that has occurred in a while) and headed out to lunch. We met Shelle, Justin, and Dominic at the Promenade and had some hibachi. I think Max and Dom are going to be great friends!

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Lazy Saturday

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Today was a much needed lazy Saturday. All my favorite guys just hung out on the couch.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few new things that have occurred...

Max has started grabbing his bottle and holding it during the feedings. It pretty entertaining. Most of the time we swaddle him like a baby burrito because it's been so cold. When he's not swaddled he sleeps with this hands up in the air. Mike has learned to multi-task. He can now hold the baby and still play his video games!

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First Time in the Swing

Max's neck is getting much stronger so we figured it was safe to give the swing a try. This morning after his bottle and a much needed outfit change, Mike brought down the swing and we gave it try. He was a pretty big fan for about 10 minutes. Then he decided he wanted to be swaddled up so he could nap instead.

The kitty decided to try something new today as well. I woke up to find Mook snuggled under the blankets with a pillow. Apparently he's a little sleepy from the baby as well.

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