Welcome to the story of our first baby!

Welcome to the story of our family.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Max's First Easter

We headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Killi's house for Easter dinner. The grown ups enjoyed ham, sweet potatoes, vegetable medley and salad while Max had an appetizing bottle followed by baby sweet potatoes. We played on the new mat that his Grandma made him and then he took a lengthy nap in my arms :)

Petting Mook Solo

Max loves watching and "talking" to Mook. Typically whenever he tries to pet him, Mook runs away. Tonight was a different story.

I put Max on the bed while I ironed my clothes for work. I turned around to find Mook on the bed with Max petting him / pulling his hair.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 Months!!!

I know I say this everything month, but I really just can't believe that 5 months ago this little man came into our lives. He has changed so much so quickly. Here's what he's been up to:

-pulling Mommy & Daddy's hair
-located his feet and is attempting to eat them
-puts EVERYTHING in his mouth
-still sleeping through the night :)
-eating 7 ounce bottles
-eating sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, apples, and pears
-wearing size 2 diapers
-just about to outgrown his 6-9 month pj's
-weighing about 14 pounds
-can sit by himself for about a second
-really likes Sponge Bob
-smiles, smiles, smiles
-loves "talking" to Mook (I'm pretty sure as soon as he can crawl Mook is in trouble)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

VT Picnic

Today we headed out to the VT Alumni picnic at Quiet Waters Park. Max wore his VT jersey for the first time. We enjoyed veggie burgers, baked beans, potato salad, salad and tons of desserts. They had a raffle in which we were hoping to win this handmade VT quilt, but we didn't. Max was perfect the entire time, except when we had a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the tragedy that occurred on campus 4 years ago he decided to get fussy. It was a little awkward. It must have been a tiring day because he's been sleeping for about 2.5 hours now.

BIG swing

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol Night

Max and I watched Idol tonight. We multi-tasked by doing tummy time on the bed while he watched the singing and then practiced standing with some pillows. He LOVED the singing. When I would start singing along he would give a big belly laugh. His favorite song was Miley Cyrus's The Climb (I'm sure, one day he'll be mad at me for letting everyone know that).

After a fun filled night of Idol, he was off to bed. He is a maniac in the crib. I caught him sleeping sideways and sucking his thumb. Despite our best efforts it looks like he's going to be a thumb sucker.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday

We spend the entire day in our pj's. Max is just the cutest.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pizza & Baseball

Tonight Mike D, Lisa, & Madison came over for pizza and to watch the Mets game. The kiddo's "played" together for awhile then Max put on his Mets hat and watched the game gangsta style.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So, we attempted carrots tonight. Based on the facial expressions below you'd think Max didn't like the carrots. However, evertime I took the spoon away he would start screaming. He'd stop screaming when I put more in his mouth. The issue was that he was sucking on the spoon which resulted in the carrots being airborne. As you can see this led to quite a mess.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Sickness

Max has come done with his first sickness...a stomach virus. From his picture he seems happy as can be, but the vomiting says otherwise. We got dressed in his "nerd shirt" (a shirt that relates to one of Mike's video games) and headed off to visit the doctor. They got a kick out of his shirt.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Max is really loving the jumperoo these days. He able to jump around like a crazy man and he's learning to play with the attached toys.

There is just so much to do...should I eat my hand, jump around, or play with the rainbow wheel?!?!?